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Angel's Center Support Group Belgium

vzw Angel's Center Support group Belgium is a group of enthousiast supporters of Angel's Center. We support Angel's Center in different ways:

  • We write project proposals for Belgian partners such as the City of Antwerp.
  • We organise sensitization and fundraising activities.
  • We offer our expertise where needed; in the fields of development cooperation, volunteering, special education, inclusive education.
  • We are a contact point for volunteers coming from Belgium or Europe willing to go and work at Angel's Center.

The Structural organization in Belgium has three board members; Inge Wagemakers - Promoter, Mieke Beckers- the organizer and Monica Aciru Dorothy- Researcher. You can reach them on the following address:

Would you like to join Angel's Center Support Group? Feel free to contact us!

Would you like to financially support Angel's Center through a Belgian bank account? You can do so:


IBAN BE41 7350 3824 9310



Other Partners include:

  • The City of Antwerp - Belgium ( our major sponsor of the project )
  • Province of Antwerp
  • Wereld Missie hulp
  • Miva Onemen Netherlands
  • Happy Chicken farm - Netherlands
  • Emmanuel Church UK
  • Josh Redmond

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