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Angel's Center Support Group Belgium

Angel’s center for children with special needs was formed after our experience in raising a child with Down syndrome in Belgium. Two years of raising Abryl opened our eyes to the constraints of raising a child with special needs. The constant hospital visits and adjusting to the development challenges made us acutely aware of the deficiency of such services in Uganda. In 2012 ACCSN was registered with Wakiso district to operate as a community Based Organization to provide a space of services for children with special needs( Reg No: WCBO/1131/12).   A critical service is strengthening the capacity of families to cope with raising children with development challenges.

Vision: A Society which integrates children with special needs to fully realize their potentials.

Mission:  To be a voice and to break the silence of disability in communities, through increasing access to information and service delivery.

We need to give disability a “human face” despite the challenge these children remain beautiful, lovely and important to the social network of Society.

Core Program Areas                                                                 

  • Early learning for children with special needs
  • Provision of occupational and physiotherapy services
  • Counseling and guidance for parents
  • Access to health care, Nutrition and Income generation to households 


Angel’s center has a strong desire to work closely with parents, because we believe families first have to accept and appreciate these children for society to change their perception. Families need to create a conducive environment for these children to grow, for example by bringing them to public places like churches, keeping them in hygienically clean environments and supporting them in their development stages like training them to use toilets, speech therapy and others.

The center has currently 15 children who are fully registered and 10 more not registered. The disabilities range from Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, Intellectually Delayed, spinal bifida, hydrocephalus and communication disorders.

Problem Statement

Parents of children with developmental disorders encounter a variety of severe hardships in caring for their children’s needs and coping with the challenge. Majority of parents refer to it as a personal tragedy and experience a fear of societal exclusion especially in Africa, where disability is still associated with witchcraft. Social rejection and passing of judgments is something families face when dealing with a disabled child. Even from closest friends, everyone has an opinion on how the family deals with the issues they face. In addition over 90% of children with disabilities in Uganda do not attend school, the education curricular does not favor them and the distances to access schools is always challenge, this is coupled with the school environment that does not adapt to suit their needs.  Therefore this project argues that early childhood care and development (ECCD) is essential to achieve Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 2 - universal primary education. It is based on the premise that "[a] good start for children in the crucial early years (0-8) is fundamental to closing the gaps in equity and a critical precursor to successful transition to primary school, particularly for vulnerable children who are likely to be excluded from education.


Angel's Center Support Group Belgium

vzw Angel's Center Support group Belgium is a group of enthousiast supporters of Angel's Center. We support Angel's Center in different ways:

  • We write project proposals for Belgian partners such as the City of Antwerp.
  • We organise sensibilisation and fundraising activities. 
  • We offer our expertise where needed; in the fields of development cooperation, volunteering, special education, inclusive education.
  • We are a contact point for volunteers coming from Belgium or Europe willing to go and work at Angel's Center.

Would you like to join Angel's Center Support Group? Feel free to contact us!

Would you like to financially support Angel's Center through a Belgian banc account?

You can do so:


IBAN BE41 7350 3824 9310




"Without health, life is not life, but with Abryl, hope keeps us stronger."